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                       DEFENCE                                                 Hulusi AKAR

             INDUSTRY IS NOT                                                   Minister of National Defence

               A CHOICE, IT IS

               AN OBLIGATION
                                                          National Defence Minister Hulusi
                                                          Akar said in his speech, “A strong
                                                          defence industry is not a choice, it
                                                          is an obligation. We have to do it.”

            Akar stated that a critical process has been carried out at the regional and global level, “There are
            various risks, dangers and threats to our country due to political and military conflicts around us.
            Against these, we must be ready to defend our noble nation’s sovereignty and independence; our

            Minister Akar emphasized that his primary duties are the security of 780,000 square kilometers of
            homeland and 462,000 square kilometers of sea and stated that they work with determination and
            Akar also touched upon the fight against terrorism, stating that in addition to the heroism and sacrifice
            of the personnel in this field, the advanced technology developed by the domestic and national defence
            industry also deserves recognition.
            Akar pointed out that the defence industry is not only a matter of economy and recalled the problems
            in the field of defence industry in the past. Drawing attention to the fact that deals have been reneged
            upon by the seller despite exchanging hand for weapons and systems in the past, Akar said, “In 2011,
            maintenance of  the engines of our UAVs  were not conducted in  violation of our agreement. ‘Bad
            neighbor makes for new home owners,’ and by activating our civilian-military, private-public facilities,
            we have reached this point. Today, our private, public companies are building UAVs and exporting them.”

            Under the leadership of President Erdoğan, Akar stated that important steps were taken in the defence
            industry in terms of local and national production, and that the ratio of national production which was
            around 20% in 2002 is now around 70%.

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