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9.  Coordinate exports and off-set trade issues related to defense industry products.
                  10.  Grant loans from the Defense Industry Support Fund or obtain loans from domestic and overseas
                      sources and establish and participate in domestic and foreign companies where necessary.
                  11.  Monitor whether outputs comply with the contract content through quality  controls and check
                      whether contract conditions have been fulfilled or not.
                  12.  Ensure that implementation deficiencies are resolved by the relevant organizations and
                  13.  Procure the needs of the National Intelligence Organization and the urgent needs of the Turkish
                      National Police relating to intelligence and security.


                  Ratified by Law No. 3238, the main decision making body of the system is the Defence Industry
                  Executive Committee (SSIK). Chaired by the Prime Minister, the Committee consists of the
                  Commander of TAF, the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of National Defense.

                  SSIK is set to:

                  1.  Adopt  decisions  in  line  with  the  general  strategies  and  principles  identified  by  the  Defense
                      Industry High Coordination for the development of the defense industry.
                  2.  Undertake decisions on the production of domestic modern weapons and equipment or, where
                      required, through overseas procurement which are in accordance with the Strategic Plan of the
                  3.  Search for opportunities and guide public and private sector to establish production facilities
                      devoted  to defence industry and monitor implementation planning, and undertake leading
                      decisions  for  the state participation in establishment of aforementioned  facilities  where
                  4.  Instruct  SSM  towards  research  and  development  of  modern  weapons  and equipment  to be
                      supplied together with producing protototypes, provide advace loans and determine long term
                      orders and other financial and economic incentives.
                  5.  Undertake decisions on defence industry product exports, offset, and bilateral trade..
                  6.  Coordinate the defense industry and related organizations.
                  7.  Determine the principles of the use of the Defense Industry Support Fund.

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