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                                                           human capitalof  Turkey, it continues  toincrease
               Above all, the current situation in our region   its activities in building a structure that enables
               and disquieting instability reveals  that  the   Turkey to use all its potential in related areas.
               necessary extent of deterrence can only be   We, as  the Undersecretariat  for Defence
               achieved through a strong defence industry.  Industries, are the assurance of a strong Turkey,
               On our journey  that  we set off  with  the   believe  that  we  will achieve our goals by  taking
               main mission of development of a modern     the necessary steps on the path of defence and
               defence industry and modernization of       security  technologies in  the international arena
               Turkish  Armed Forces, major steps have     and will continue to work with all our strength to
               been taken so far.                          ensure that the needs of the defense industry are
               The   Undersecretariat  has   laid  the     met at the highest level in the face of changing
               foundations  for the  industry to  create   conditions in our country, our region and  the
               its own ecosystem by providing  the         world.
               participation and support of our companies,
               SMEs, research institutions and Universities.   İsmail DEMİR, PhD.
               In  this context, by mobilizing  the overall   President of Defen ce Industries

              10      TURKISH DEFENCE INDUSTRY
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